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You may be surprised to learn that there are no formal performance standards for our armoured joints.  Unlike many construction products, we can't take them to an independent test centre and come away with a 'pass' certificate.

However, at Permaban we believe we should prove how well our products work - for the benefit of our customers, and so we can improve our own product development.  So we've invested in our own in-house test rig.  The rig replicates and accelerates the impact of materials handling vehicles passing over our joints - simulating the kind of pressure they would receive in actual service.

The rig has been running since the middle of 2011, and is delivering some impressive results. We've been trying to test our products to destruction... but we just can't!  However, we have gained some useful insight into our armoured joints' performance, and right now we're in the process of collating our findings and putting them into documents we can share. 

We hope that, in time, the work we do on our in-house rig will establish some principles which will lead to an independent, industry-wide performance standard.

To find our more about our testing programme, contact our technical engineers on +44 1752 895288.

Permaban's test rig in action

adding whole life value to buildings

A damaged construction joint is more than just unsightly. Materials handling vehicles can suffer costly damage on an uneven surface. What’s more, repairing a concrete floor costs both time and money for clients. Protecting concrete floors means less down-time during the life of the building.

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