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PermaFlex T-Tape

Permaflex T Tape is a pre-compressed tape that is installed into the saw cut or formed joint, and expands as the joint opens.  Once the joint has fully opened, Permaflex T-resin can be added so it impregnates the tape and seals the joint (resin only needs to be used where the joint will have traffic and pedestrians passing over it).  

Permaflex T can be pre-installed in our AlphaJoint and BetaJoint floor joint systems.



  • Clean joint-sealing system.
  • Straightforward way to seal the joint openings in AlphaJoint and BetaJoint armoured joints.



  • Internal horizontal saw cuts.
  • Preformed control joints.
  • Repairing concrete slabs where random cracks have occurred due to shrinkage.


We are currently updating our technical brochure for this product.  Please contact our sales and technical teams on +44 1752 895288 if you have any queries about product selection and use.

armoured joints with T-tape preinstalled

Our AlphaJoint and BetaJoint armoured joints can be ordered with T-tape preinstalled - so you won't need to fill the gaps later. Speak to our sales team today on +44 1752 895288 for more information.

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