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PermaFlex FS

This special pouring-grade sealant is for use in freezer stores where the operating temperature can be as low as -30°C. Permaflex FS is specifically designed to be placed in the joint when the slab has reached its operating temperature (i.e. it will cure at -30°C). At this temperature the material exhibits Shore A hardness of 65, which provides some arris support. Should the freezer store be taken back to ambient temperature, the material will soften and compress as the temperature increases. Upon drawing the temperature back down to -30°C, the material will revert to its original width as the joint re-opens.



  • Good chemical, impact and abrasion resistance offering excellent protection to the joint arris.
  • Low viscosity ensures simplicity of mixing and application.
  • Rapid set minimises traffic disruptions, allowing floor areas to be brought into use quickly
  • Good Shore hardness, providing some arris support.
  • Cures down to -30°C for application in freezer stores at the operating temperature.
  • Wide service temperature range: -50°C to 30°C



  • Internal horizontal saw cuts
  • Preformed control joints
  • Repairing concrete slabs where random cracks have occurred due to shrinkage
  • Freezer stores


We are currently updating our technical brochure for this product.  Please contact our sales and technical teams on +44 1752 895288 if you have any queries about product selection and use.

Please also refer to our Materials Safety Datasheet for important usage and safety information.


msds - permaflex fs hardener


msds - permaflex fs resin



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