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ecocure superior

Ecocure Superior

Ecocure Superior is a curing agent for concrete floors.  Applied to fresh concrete, it creates a protective layer on the surface which controls water evaporation, so the concrete cures more consistently throughout the slab.  This helps to prevent surface cracking, and means that the slab is as strong at the surface as it is further down.  Ecocure Superior is water-based, so it’s non-toxic and kinder to the environment than solvent-based alternatives.  It’s safer for staff during application, too.


  • Creates a stronger, more uniform concrete floor slab.
  • Protects the slab for at least seven days during the curing process.
  • Penetrates the surface of the slab to reduce crazing.
  • No special surface preparation is required before application (no visible moisture to be present).
  • Can be finished immediately with an appropriate surface treatment.
  • Compatible with many acrylic water based primers (not solvent based) and bonding glues.
  • Surface dry after just one hour at 20⁰C.  Usable surface for light pedestrian traffic after only eight hours.
  • An safer alternative to solvent-based curing agents.
  • Easily applied with a clean thermal sprayer.
  • Supplied as a liquid, ready to spray - no mixing required on site (do not mix with water or other products).
  • Translucent when dry.
  • Certified low VOC content.



  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Ideal for use on newly-laid unfinished concrete floors.
  • Can be applied on top of coloured and dry-shake toppings which use hydraulic binders.
  • Can be applied to cement screeds.
  • Can be applied to self-compacting concrete floors.

Please download the specification sheet and materials safety datasheet for more information.


specification sheet - ecocure superior


MSDS - Ecocure Superior



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