signature ar (arris repair)

Signature AR (arris repair)

Permaban Signature AR is an arris ‘repair and upgrade’ system for damaged construction joints in concrete floors. 

The damaged concrete around the construction joint is cut away, and Signature AR is installed in its place, using professional-grade mortar and concrete bonding agents manufactured by RCR Flooring Products.

The distinctive Signature shape allows vehicles to cross in any direction, causing no impact and no damage to the joint or vehicle.  This means Signature AR provides a once-and-for-all repair, and is a vast improvement on the original straight joint.


  • Permanent, professional joint arris repair
  • Half-hexagon shape prevents impact damage from vehicle wheels crossing the joint
  • Helps reduce noice and vibration impact on forklift drivers*
  • No need for future repairs – long-term cost savings
  • No maintenance – fit and forget
  • No need for a joint sealant (unless to prevent leachate)
  • Can be approached from any angle, even 90°, so suitable for directional traffic situations.
  • Allows flexibility in future building use.
  • Manufactured from strong glass reinforced nylon (GRN), for a robust repair that’s lightweight and cost-effective
  • Supplied in 1080mm lengths.  Can be cut down, or lengths clipped together for longer repairs.
  • Stable in all temperatures
  • UV stable; resistant to rusting; non-conductile
  • Can be cut at any point without compromising strength – use any length as required.
  • Material can be recycled at end of its life


  • Internal and external concrete joint arris repairs, and across doorways
  • Ideal for defined movement areas (transfer and racking aisles)
  • Suitable for freezer stores and anti-static environments (eg, electronics manufacturing)
  • Suitable for use with most vehicle types.


Important note

To ensure high-quality, durable results, Signature AR is only available for installation by approved installers.  Please contact us for details.


* Specifying Signature for new builds and upgrading existing floors with Signature AR enables employers to eliminate joint impact, one of the major causes of noise and whole body vibration that MHE operators are subjected to. This can greatly assist in compliance to Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 under the Noise at Work Directive 2003/10/EC and Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 under the European Physical Agents (Vibration) Directive (2002/44/EC), in addition to maintaining MHE speeds and reducing back injuries to operators.


All our products comply with the Construction Products Regulation (Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011), and hold appropriate CE marking.

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Case Studies

Kawasaki Precision Machinery: joint repair with Signature AR, plymouth, uk

Kawasaki Precision Machinery: joint repair with Signature AR, plymouth, uk

Kawasaki is internationally famous for quality...

Joint repair with Signature AR for Alderman Tooling Ltd, Plymouth, UK

Joint repair with Signature AR for Alderman Tooling Ltd, Plymouth, UK

Aldermans is one of the South West’s most highly...

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