Radius Group: Southgate Industrial Park, Moscow

4th March 2014

Radius Group:  Southgate Industrial Park, Moscow

Permaban’s world-renowned AlphaJoint 4010 helped contractor Romex produce a ‘first’ for Russia – an FM1 tolerance floor, the flattest in the country.


Radius Group is at the forefront of ‘A’ Class warehouse & light industrial real estate development in Russia, incorporating into their buildings the very latest and best technology from Europe and the USA.

In 2009 after working together on a project in Kazan, Radius Group Managing Director David Simons challenged Rodney Arnold, Permaban’s Chairman and Managing Director, to produce a higher quality floor to that available at the time in Russia in order to satisfy the high standard required for Southgate Industrial Park.

FM1 tolerance

Rodney Arnold, ever ready to meet a challenge, worked in close liaison with Radius Group and Flooring Contractor Romex, to produce a very comprehensive floor specification to the then accepted European standard of flatness for logistic floors of FM2 Special and in accordance to UK Concrete Society Technical Report 34, with the intention to see if an enhanced floor flatness could be achieved.

The specification incorporated Permaban’s floor products including Permaban AlphaJoint joint armouring system, Permaban dry-shake toppings, Permaseal Curing and Floor Sealer, and Permaflex high performance joint sealers to ensure a high quality and long lasting floor.

The result from the Permaban/Romex team was a large area cast floor all to Concrete Society Technical Report 34 FM1 flatness - the flattest floor ever achieved in Russia - exceeding the FM2 Special levels generally achieved at this time by the most capable European floor contractors.

David Simons commented: “We continue to enjoy working with the team at Romex, using Permaban expertise and products. Romex continue to produce magnificent floors for us.  In 2013 they produced the 32,119m2 Decathlon building and 21,163m2 for Paul Hartmann, both being measured to FM1 standards!”



In recognition of the aforementioned, as well as other technical and commercial achievements, Radius Group has been recognized with many awards and certifications, including: the highest BREEAM rating of any building in Russia; several awards for environmental performance; the FIABCI Prix d’Excellance; the American Chamber of Commerce SME Company of the Year; and Euromoney magazine’s ‘Developer of the Year’ both for Russia and Eastern & Central Europe.

David summarized: “As you can appreciate it is the fantastic team of people within Radius who together with our leading service providers have helped us to achieve all this, and we are proud to be able to tell our clients that we partner with Permaban for all our floors!”


Chosen for quality

Radius Group were insistent on using Permaban products due to their established reputation with companies like Romex, whose preference originates from their performance-based experience of using Permaban on many previous projects since 2004. Permaban’s AlphaJoint armoured joints tight manufacturing tolerances ensure the levelness and straightness of the formwork, essential in producing a flat floor which in turn helps to give a high quality finish. This is something Romex particularly values for its projects, and is one of the reasons it recommends AlphaJoint and other Permaban products to other clients.


Ease of installation with Alphafix

Using Permaban’s Alphafix 300 installation system also helps Romex deliver a fast installation. Alphafix reduces the time spent on on-site fixing formwork, helping the pour to progress quickly. The Alphafix system allow the AlphaJoint to be micro adjustable vertically and horizontally and is easily removed after the first pour for reuse on the project and used again for other future projects. Alphafix is compatible with the range of Permaban’s joints.


Enhancing the floor’s durability

One important feature of the floor is the abrasion resistance; and to achieve this, Romex finished the floor with two Permaban products.  Firstly, Permashake Fibretop dry-shake was applied. Containing a blend of natural and synthetic aggregates, Fibretop’s formulation ensures the floor has exceptional abrasion resistance achieving the highest Category ‘Special” to the current European test standard.  Secondly Permaseal combined sealing, curing and hardening agent was applied to cure and seal the floor to enhance the durability of this hard-working floor for years to come.

project key facts

Project type:  Distribution centre

Location:  Domodedovo, South East Moscow

Products: AlphaJoint 4010; Permashake Fibretop  dry-shake topping; Permaseal curing  and sealing agent; Permaflex joint  sealers


Radius Group: Southgate Industrial Park, Moscow


Radius Southgate finished floor
Radius Southgate pouring second side
Radius Southgate corner
Radius Southgate dry-shake
Radius Southgate taping