PNK - Vnukovo - CenterObuv building

17th July 2012

PNK - Vnukovo - CenterObuv building

CentreObuv, Moscow, Russia

An enormous new logistics centre in western Moscow has been created in super-quick time – and features Permaban’s products.

The Vnukovo logistics park, developed by PNK Group, covers 308,000m2, and is one of the largest of several new logistics developments around the edge of Moscow.

The first building constructed on the site was a build-to-suit logistics centre for the largest shoe retailer in Europe, CenterObuv. At 36,191m2, the vast warehouse is larger than 3 football pitches.  Featuring a range of start-of-the-art technologies, some used for the first time in Russia, the building took PNK Group a mere seven months to complete, and was ready for operation in January 2012. To ensure the floor of the CenterObuv building matched the high-tech specification, PNK Group appointed industrial flooring specialists, Romex.

Chosen for quality

Romex chose to use Permaban’s AlphaJoint armoured joints, as their experience of using them on several previous projects had been very positive.

AlphaJoint’s tight manufacturing tolerances ensure the flatness of the formwork, which in turn helps to give a high quality finish to the product and the floor. This is something Romex particularly value for their projects, and is one of the reasons they recommended AlphaJoint to
PNK Group and other clients.

Ease of installation

Using Permaban’s Alphafix 300 installation system also helped Romex deliver a fast installation on this time-sensitive project. Alphafix reduces the amount of on-site preparation needed, helping the pour to progress quickly. The Alphafix system can be removed after the first pour and used again for other future projects; and is compatible with a range of
Permaban’s joints.

Enhancing the floor’s durability

One important feature of the floor is an anti-dust floor cover. To achieve this, Romex finished the floor with two Permaban products.

Firstly, Permashake Fibretop dry-shake was applied. Containing a blend of natural and synthetic aggregates, Fibretop’s formulation ensures the floor has exceptional abrasion resistance.

Secondly, Permaseal combined sealing, curing and hardening agent was added to enhance the durability of this hard-working floor for years to come.

project key facts

  • Project type: logistics centre
  • Location: Vnukovo, Moscow, Russia
  • Products: AlphaJoint Classic 4010, AlphaJoint C, AlphaJoint F,  4010 Double StripJoint, Alphafix 300, Permashake Fibretop & Permaseal


PNK - Vnukovo - CenterObuv building


AlphaJoint 4010

Permaban's AlphaJoint 4010