DB Schenker - Ilvesvuori Logistics Terminal - Finland

9th August 2012

DB Schenker - Ilvesvuori Logistics Terminal - Finland

The first major installation for Permaban’s award-winning Signature armoured joint has taken place at a new logistics terminal in Finland. 


DB Schenker’s building at Nurmijärvi, around 23 miles north of Helsinki, is one of several new developments for the company in the region, and is strategically important to this major international logistics operator.  Permaban Signature is used throughout the building – 410m in total.


Large-bay jointless floor construction

The entire building comprises a 25,000m2 concrete floor, which includes a 17,000m2 warehouse, plus a cold store and offices. 

The warehouse floor is a large-bay jointless steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) construction, with a slab depth of 180mm.  Each bay, a day’s pour, is approximately 45 x 32m – 1440m2 in total. 


Permaban Signature is ideal for this application, as it operates well with larger construction joint gap sizes as wide as 40mm that often occur with a large-bay floor once the concrete has fully contracted.

Clear lifetime benefits

The project was due to be installed with a mix of Permaban’s AlphaJoint and Signature armoured joints.  However, following the pre-contract meeting the decision was made that Signature would be used throughout the building. 

The clear benefits to the client made an exclusive Signature installation a sound choice.  Signature is specifically designed to overcome the challenges of directional traffic in warehouses, where forklift trucks pass across construction joints at 90o.  A traditional style parallel-faced joint is less suited to these areas, as the impact of small, hard forklift wheels passing over the joint can damage the vehicle.  Signature’s half-hexagon shape (known as ‘disruptive face’ technology), prevents this damaging impact from occurring.

Because of this, DB Schenker will have more flexibility in how the building can be used both now and in the future.  The layout of the warehouse will never be dictated by the position of the construction joints, as vehicles will be able to move freely in any direction throughout the warehouse.  This value-added benefit will remain for the lifetime of the building.


Technical support

Throughout the construction process Permaban’s Finnish distributor, PiiMat, provided technical support to the flooring contractor, Lattia-Miredex, visiting the site three times to ensure the installation would go smoothly.  Permaban’s technical engineer Tom Hancock also visited the site during the installation, after the first concrete pour, to observe and be on hand should the contractor need any guidance from the manufacturer. 
The contractor used the ‘pin and weld’ installation method, as shown right, but Signature can also be installed using Permaban’s AlphaFix system.  (Guidance on installation is available from Permaban.)


Successful installation

The final concrete pour happened on 25th July 2012, and the whole installation has gone smoothly and successfully as planned.  A photograph of the finished installation is shown below, with the joint in the early stages of opening: it will open further as the floor continues to cure.  Below right is the joint visible under the curing blanket used to cover the floor’s surface after the first pour.

Construction on the warehouse continues, with the building due to be formally completed in October 2012.

"The product worked well during installation, and we had no problems with installing or finishing.  The technical support from PiiMat and Permaban was excellent."
Harri Aalto, Lattia-Miredex Oy


Project key facts

  • Project type: Logistics terminal
  • Location: Nurmijärvi, Finland
  • Products: Permaban Signature


DB Schenker - Ilvesvuori Logistics Terminal - Finland


DB Schenker Signature installation 1

Permaban Signature installed, under curing blanket

DB Schenker Signature installation 2

Newly installed (joint will open further as concrete continues to cure)