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Environmental management

Our environmental policy is simple:

  • Reduce the raw materials we use in our products.
  • Manage our waste efficiently, through careful segregation.
  • Recycle as much of our production waste as we can.
  • Control and reduce our energy use, by improving our efficiencies - from manufacture right through to shipping.

It's a common-sense approach that makes perfect business sense.  Not only do these measures help us reduce our carbon footprint, they also help us control our costs.  It makes sense for our customers too, as we can pass on our efficiency savings.


environmental policy

"The environmental policy of RCR Flooring Products Ltd is to:

• consider the environmental impact of all business activities, products and services, both locally and globally;
• continually improve the effectivness of the management system to enhance environmental performance;
• ensure that all employees are trained and encouraged to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner;
• encourage suppliers and contractors to minimise the environmental impact of the products and services they provide;
• prevent pollution, reduce waste and minimise the consumption of resources;
• encourage bio diversity and ecology;
• be commited to protection of the environment;
• comply with all relevant environmental obligations, regulations and legislation.

The Senior Management Team of RCR Flooring Products Ltd is responsible for implementing the policy, which is achieved by:

• establishing, implementing and maintaining a management system certified to ISO14001:2015;
• setting and reviewing measurable environmental objectives and ensuring those objectives are met;
• providing the necessary resources and ensuring responsibilities and authorities are determined and communicated;
• reviewing the effectiveness of the management system and assessing opportunities for its continual improvement.

Signed on behalf of the Senior Management Team


Andrew Keen
Managing Director"


ISO 14001:2015 certificate


BSI Triple