About Permaban

Company history

Since its formation in 1983, Permaban has been instrumental in bringing change and efficiency to the world of concrete flooring.

The company was first founded to manufacture solid concrete formwork in the UK.  At the time this was the established method in Sweden for creating boundaries during a concrete pour – but the concept was new to the UK market.

Demand and potential for the solid concrete formwork was huge, fuelled by the growth of the supermarkets and logistics industry in the 1980s.  And so, under the leadership of founder Rodney Arnold, Permaban began manufacturing at Lee Mill in Devon.  The company still operates from the same building today.


developing steel formwork and armoured joints

Concrete formwork continued to be used by the industry until the late 1990s.  But clearly there were product limitations – it was heavy, cumbersome and expensive to transport.  Also, the introduction of the Laser Screed® system was changing the way floors were being laid.  So Permaban began to develop steel formwork systems, culminating in the launch of the company's  AlphaJoint in 2002, a product still widely used today.


growth and international reach

Since the launch of AlphaJoint the company has grown - expanding into international markets, increasing its UK production capacity, and adding new members to the team.

In 2008 Permaban was proud to be awarded the ISO9001 certification for quality management, including the product design process.  This has been an important milestone for the company, which has brought new and unique products to market in the years following – for example, the award-winning Permaban Signature in 2012, Permaban Eclipse in 2013, and Permaban Signature AR in 2015.

Managing Director Andrew Keen took the helm in 2010.  With a background in concrete flooring, in both products and machinery, Andrew brings a depth of industry knowledge and practical experience of working with flooring contractors.  Establishing and developing a strong management team, he brings a vision to lead the company into its next exciting phase.


part of RCR Industrial Flooring

The latest chapter in the company's story has been the completion of its acquisition by RCR Industrial Flooring in 2014, after having taken a majority holding in 2012.  This has enabled Permaban to work in close partnership with its fellow RCR companies, which include other leading industrial flooring product manufacturers; flooring applications companies; and specialist flooring services engineers. 

For years Permaban has been a strong exporter, and its presence within the RCR group has further enhanced the company’s international vision and its scope for international growth.


And the name Permaban...?

This comes from the name of the original Swedish concrete formwork. Literally, it translates as a "permanent bar".

We realise, of course, that the word 'permaban' has gained other connotations recently, particularly in the world of online gaming.  So we'll try to resist the obvious puns about 'permabanning' your concrete floor problems...!

key facts

  • Founded in 1983 by Rodney Arnold.
  • Manufactured the earliest concrete formwork in the UK.
  • Developed steel formwork and armoured joints in the late 1990s.
  • AlphaJoint launched in 2002.
  • Managing Director Andrew Keen joins the company in 2010.
  • Launch of award-winning Permaban Signature in 2012.
  • Acquisition by RCR Industrial Flooring completed in 2014.

Key People

Lee Brockway

Lee Brockway

Managing Director


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